2BBLFC 2V Copper Flange Adapters Ford 351C/351M/400


2BBLFC, two-barrel flange adapter.

Required on applications using two-barrel Ford Cleveland 351C and Ford 351M-400 cylinder heads to allow proper sealing of Sanderson Headers on these applications. The Sanderson Headers for these engines are manufactured with a flange designed for the larger port opening on four-barrel cylinder heads.

Sanderson 2BBLFC copper adapters
2BBLFC 2V Copper Flange Adapters Ford 351C/351M/400 $81.86

Sanderson 2BBLFC copper flange adapters are required on engine applications using two-barrel Ford 351C Cleveland and 351M-400 cylinder heads with Sanderson’s FC-series headers.

This flange adapter is required for all Ford 351C-351M-400 engine applications using Sanderson headers on two-barrel (2V) cylinder heads. If using 4V cylinder heads this adapter is not required.


  • 0.046″ (3/64″) thick
  • Sold as a pair

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions24 × 4 × 4 in


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