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Unique, high-quality exhaust headers that stand out in the crowd.
From the Twister, Jayster, and Cast-Series, to the tightest-fitting tube-style headers in the industry.

Quality You Can See

With the exception of a few specialty shops that build custom headers, Sanderson is the only exhaust header available that is not mass-produced. In fact, our headers are one of only a few brands which are still manufactured in the USA. Our products are assembled one at a time in our proprietary jigs, using the best materials and tooling available.

We invite you to compare Sanderson Headers to any other nationally advertised brand. The difference in the quality of our materials, manufacture and finish will be obvious. Better yet, talk to experienced builders and enthusiasts who have owned some of the other competitive brands.

We do not compromise the design of our products to make them on an assembly line, and we do not cut corners to save on materials or labor. What we do is build the best headers available. Our headers are manufactured to exact specifications that provide you with excellent fit, clearance, and long life. Our headers are built for years of trouble-free performance.

It all starts with the design to fit a vehicle application. Tube size, inside or outside chassis, proper clearance around steering, frame rails, spark plugs, and accessories are all taken into consideration. Proper bending of each tube is meticulously measured. Welds are closely inspected for accuracy, sealing, and strength. If the header set is to have a Thermal Barrier coating applied, we also do that in-house, using a multi-layer inside and out application process for the highest quality – quality that exceeds the industry standard.


Quality Manufacturing Defined

Our skilled welders hand-assemble each and every Sanderson Header.

Every Sanderson Header is designed and manufactured at our manufacturing facility located in South San Francisco, California.

Proudly, American Made!

No Gaskets!

Patented gasket-free flange sealing design

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We ship our headers to street rodders around the world

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