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Patented Leak-Free Flange Design!

We offer the only patented leak-free flange on the market. Our design is so unique that no gaskets are required at the cylinder head!

3/8" thick flanges

3/8" Thick Flanges

We start with a 3/8″ thick steel plate. Precision laser cutting equipment is used to ensure exact specifications for each application using our own template designs.

Patented Raised Flange

Sanderson Patented Raised Flange

After assembly, a weld bead is built up around each exhaust port and all bolt holes. This bead is ground to uniform thickness with such accuracy that the flange seals perfectly to the cylinder head without the need for fail-prone gaskets.

Just a thin smear of silicone

Just A Thin Smear

All that is required to seal the header to the engine is a thin smear of high temperature silicone. We recommend Permatex® Ultra Black® gasket maker for its adhesive properties. However, any compatible high temp silicone will work.

NOTE: Collector Gaskets are Still Required

Copper Gaskets

We recommend our water-jet cut copper collector gaskets for a perfect seal. Malleable 0.042″ thick copper should last forever — unless you lose them!

Copper Collector Gaskets, pr

Use Proper Fasteners

All that is needed is Grade 5 bolts and locking nuts. The important component here is the “locking nuts”. Do not use nuts and lock washers!

It is OK to use whatever fastener material you choose. Grade 5, grade 8, stainless, it does not matter. Liquid thread locker is not recommended.

Header collector bolt set

Assembled Collector

Here is an example of an assembled collector (without the nuts). Maintaining the gaps is why we use locking nuts and not lock washers. Over tightening of the collector bolts will bend (arc) the flange rings and create an exhaust leak.

No Gaskets!

Patented gasket-free flange sealing design

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